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About us

Since the startup in 2008, Magdeveloper transformed into a full team of dedicated people that are all working hard towards the collective goal of Magdeveloper:
“Supporting as much webshop owners as possible with their data imports”.
This collective goal resulted in the launch of our Universal Product Importer which has been sold to over more than 20 countries worldwide.
Shell Livewire nominated us for this achievement in 2010 and listed Magdeveloper in their top 20 of most innovative companies.
With this great wealth of experience and nomination of Magdeveloper became eager to develop  a next-gen software solution that would meet todays and future expectations.

What do we do?
We continuously collaborate and innovate with Webshops and Suppliers to develop innovative solutions that meet the expectations of the world of today and tomorrow.
We focus during the development of our software on mobility, efficiency, usability, quality, service, scalability and more. These main pillars constitute a product and service that will exceed your expectations.

Providing innovate solutions for E-commerce systems
Providing innovate solutions for E-commerce software made simple for the end-user. We highly focus on being innovate but at the same time offer the best solution for the end-user.
By working closely together with our industry partners the store owner will enjoy the best experience of selling quality products online!

Where are we now?
Since its foundation in 2008 the team behind Webshopimporter, Magdeveloper.com have been actively working on developing innovative software solutions to improve the data importing between e-commerce systems and Suppliers as well as other e-commerce platforms. We’re working closely together with our worldwide business-partners (suppliers, webdevelopers etc.) so you can focus on your core business.

What’s our ambition?
With this great wealth of experience and cooperation we have achieved to build a next generation Cloud-service that that enables live-synchronization of data-feeds between suppliers and webshops.
With this Cloud service, Magdeveloper’s ambition is to build a rich community to support as much suppliers, webshops, web agencies and consultants as possible.

If you have questions regarding (custom-made) projects or need specific solutions for your complex data problems:

Please contact us : info[@]webshopimporter.com